About Prosthetics

Overview-Pushing the Boundaries of Prosthetics

The prosthetics at Pro-Ortho Perfect India Pvt Ltd have the most experience in the country creating advanced prosthetics for amputees of all ages, backgrounds, and injury types, up to and including the rarest and most challenging clinical conditions.

Where most prosthetics may only work with an above-knee amputee once a week, our expert prosthetists help amputees with above knee amputations and other complex clinical situations multiple times a day, and have done so for years. At Pro-Ortho Perfect India Pvt Ltd, your care will never be subject to trial and error.

Our Prosthetic Specialties

Prosthetic arms, legs, and feet for every amputee and every lifestyle, including military, pediatric, and sports prostheses.

Prosthetic Technology

Technology is changing what's possible in prosthetics. Explore the latest prosthetic technologies and learn what they can do for you.

Prosthetic Research

Learn about the current prosthetic research trials and product testing happening at Pro-Ortho Perfect India Pvt Ltd, and see if you qualify to participate.

Active Duty Military Solutions

We are proud to serve hundreds of active duty military members as the sole civilian contractors for prosthetic care at Walter Reed. See what we can do for you.


We passionately serve those who have served. Read about our prosthetic services for veterans who have coverage through the VA.

Prosthetic Insurance Support

Prosthetic insurance is complicated and the process of obtaining coverage for a new device can feel overwhelming. That's where we come in.