Mr. Anant G Zodge.
Founder of Pro-Ortho Perfect India Pvt Ltd.(Since 1979).

Company History

"Pro-Ortho Perfect" Orthopedic Group Inc. the premier of orthotic & prosthetic (o&p) services and products, offering the most advanced technology ,clinically differentiated programs and unsurpassed customer service Pro-Ortho Perfect  Surgical Co was established by Dr.Anant Ganpat Zodge. Company has completed almost 40 years. Initially Mr.Anant was focusing on Orthotics majorly but since his son Dr.Akshay Anant Zodge has joined the same company, he is more into prosthetics and he has formed his own daughter company named Pro-Ortho Perfect India Pvt Ltd. Company  has head office at Thane in Amargien Society and branch at Aundh Pune.

Pro-Ortho Perfect business also include distribution centers and the largest O&P network management company in the country.