Insole Fabrication Process

Our insole fabrication process has been meticulously designed and is the heart of our technology. Our process is what differentiates us from any other insole fabricating unit or pre-fabricated insoles that are sold over the shelf (we sell them too, for the ones who are in other cities and are unable to visit the clinic for a customized pair).
Your time: 10 minutes
Our time: 120 minutes
Turnaround time: 1 day

Foot Care Management Process

Clinical Examination
Our Orthotist/Prosthetist will examine your foot and posture and if you have any pain in your joints
Podoscope Analysis
Check the pressure points on your soles in static conditions using a tangential light podoscope
Digital foot scan analysis using Baropedometer
We will scan your feet in static and/or dynamic conditions depending on your activity levels and check for the weight pressure distribution on your feet
Selection of Insole Materials
We will select the right materials for your insole depending on your need – whether you need an insole for a specific sport or to provide pain relief from a pathology or for plain comfort. The materials are all imported from France and are very specifically selected to suit your needs
Impression Moulding
We mould an impression of your feet in their corrected posture using vacuum and silicon pads
Thermoforming the Insole
We heat the insole material to make it malleable and then we thermoform it in your foot impression so that it cools down to take the correct contour
Adding correction Elements
Correction elements are added at specific areas under the foot (eg. Arch support, metatarsal pad, etc.) based on the targeted objective so that your foot gets the required support and comfort
The insole is then put through a grinding process that offloads weight from areas receiving excessive weight pressure or from areas of wounds, ulcers, corns, calluses and we give the insole a finish that your customized hand-made pair of orthotics looks like a factory cut piece with a smooth finish.
The orthoses are then fitted into your shoes or sandals the way regular insoles are.