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What are 3D Printed Prosthetics and their Advantages?

Every 1 in 1,900 new-borns in the country are born with a limb reduction deficit, and there over estimated 30 million people worldwide who need a prosthetic.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bionic Limbs?

Currently, around 57.7 million people are living with limb amputation due to various traumatic causes globally. Such a large number is a substantial medical

Role of Prosthetic Legs in Disabled People's Life.

The world is adapting, and so should we! Technology is constantly advancing, and with the most recent prosthetic improvements, people can now accomplish

What are Some Different Types and Parts of Prosthetics?

Before discussing different types and parts of prosthetics, let's first discuss what prosthetics are;

What Is The Difference between Bionics And Prosthetics?

Before we get to understand the difference between bionic and prosthetics, let’s get the two concepts clear.