What are 3D Printed Prosthetics and their Advantages?

Every 1 in 1,900 new-borns in the country are born with a limb reduction deficit, and there over estimated 30 million people worldwide who need a prosthetic.

Unfortunately, less than 20% have one, and around 200,000 amputations are performed per year, which leaves many with stumps, struggling to live as they used to.

Manufacturing quality devices for amputees is a struggle worldwide since these prosthetics are expensive and frequently poorly adapted to the patient's requirements.

There is a dearth of trained prosthetists globally. The amputees who have access to a prosthetist face issues such as lack of time and money. They may need to traverse the distance to the technician.

The procedure is lengthy, from assessing the patient's needs to producing a prosthetic and fitting it, and many people cannot be away from their peers or children for that long. Some cannot afford to stay away from their livelihood as they are the sole earning members back home.

Today, 3D printing is revolutionizing rehabilitative medicine and addressing a particular concern: prosthetics, Upper & lower limb prosthetics in Mumbai are the answer to all these problems.

There is a wide gap that needs filling in by traditional prosthetics in terms of the cost and lead times, which need to be replaced if the recipient is still growing. In the future, this artificial limb manufacturer technology could replace human organ transplantation, help significantly speed-up surgical procedures and produce cheaper and more adaptable versions of required surgical tools.

Advantages of 3D Prosthetics

  1. 1. Innovation

    Rapid prototyping is now accessible due to 3D Printing, and ideas can be iterated. The projects can be implemented faster thanks to this technology. In the future, 3D printing technology will enable significant future developments in the science of prosthetics and help many people fulfill their requirements and take a step toward everyday life.

  2. 2. Customization

    The customization part is the most important argument here because adapted devices and prosthetics will benefit the patients. It will help improve their quality of life during a limb loss. Customizable functional prostheses creation is now possible thanks to high technology 3D printers.

  3. 3. Cost

    Once again, developing such a complex project as prosthetics is expensive with traditional manufacturing techniques. The entire sector has been revolutionized positively by the arrival of 3D Printing, using modern technology to change the lives of people, many of whom could never have afforded conventional high-tech prosthetics.

    If you want to adapt it to the patient's morphology, additive manufacturing appears to be the most effective and efficient technique to get prosthetics at a lower cost. It is becoming a life-changing solution to produce prosthetics in countries where access to such devices is complicated or impossible.

  4. 4. Lead time

    3D printed prosthetics can also be made much quicker; a limb can be made in a day, whereas traditional prosthetics take much longer.

    There is no minimum order and no need to build an expensive mold. You only need a 3D file to print your project. Prosthetics are better and more efficient while custom-made as the requirement. However, customization is quite expensive with current methods of traditional manufacturing.

  5. 5. Improving Physical Independence

    Losing a limb will always result in physical and mobility problems; hand amputees will have problems picking up objects, while leg amputees will have difficulties maintaining balance and getting around. Nothing will ever replace actual limbs, but prosthetics are the next best thing. They make it easier for people to regain their balance, do basic tasks, and be on the road to independence. Moreover, they are getting better and better.

  6. 6. Helping Heal Emotional Pain

    3D Printing can help alleviate the emotional suffering that amputees face. The fact that they can now regain a degree of mobility and independence can boost their self-esteem and make them more confident in themselves and their abilities. This, in turn, allows them to imagine a better future and motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

With the advantages listed above, 3D Printing has inevitably become a significant part of the prosthetics industry. The technology is not static; it is steadily evolving as discoveries, and existing methods are improved with innovative methods. 3d Printing is here to stay.

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