What are Some Different Types and Parts of Prosthetics?

Before discussing different types and parts of prosthetics, let's first discuss what prosthetics are; people often get confused about prosthetics and orthotics.

Prosthetics are used to replace a particular body part that has been damaged. They are medical devices specifically made to meet the needs of amputee patients.

In contrast, orthotics is a piece of equipment having temporary functions. The orthosis may be worn for a little while to help and support the patient.

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Well, now that you know what prosthetics are, let's further discuss the types.

  1. 1. Joint Prosthetics

    Joint prostheses are used to replace damaged joints. A joint prosthesis is provided with a proximal implant for attachment to a first segment of skeletal anatomy, the proximal implant containing a distal cup section and a proximal bone attachment portion.

    Damaged joints are often replaced with prosthetics. The bone prostheses can move over one another like a normal knee due to a spacer between them.

  2. 2. Arm Prosthetics

    An arm prosthetic fits on the arm below the elbow; it encompasses both a forearm and a wrist. The two basic categories of arm prostheses are transradial and transhumeral. Transhumeral prosthetics are attached to the upper arm when the elbow joint is missing, whereas transradial prosthetics attach below the elbow. These prostheses are used to replace a missing limb in the arm.

  3. 3. Leg Prosthetics

    A prosthetic leg is an artificial limb that replaces a missing leg. People who have lost a leg due to amputation use prosthetic legs. People who utilise prosthetic legs can walk pain-free and comfortably despite their impairment.

  4. 4. Cosmetic Prosthetics

    This kind of prosthesis is made for those who value aesthetics over functionality and are willing to accept that it will only be able to support objects, for example, holding a bag. Cosmetic prosthetics require day-to-day care of the prosthesis as per the instructions provided by the prosthetist.

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