Above Knee Prosthetic

At Perfect, we have the most advanced prosthetic sockets, knees, and feet fit by leading above knee prosthetic experts.

Our experience in above knee socket technology has proven this over and over. Many times certain systems offer marginal benefits, but if they are difficult to work with to the point of being a burden, then they are rarely worth it.

Perfect has worked closely with industry leaders like OSSUR and other manufacturers to refine the simplest suspension systems for above knee amputees, meeting your needs with a simple, elegant solution.

Reliable and Trustworthy with High Performance Prosthetic Legs

No two people who need Prosthetics are ever the same. Selection of an appropriate prosthetic knee and foot system is critical to your success.

Criteria of Perfect for product selection are based on these priorities: Reliability, Safety and stability. Prosthetic knee joints come in many types, from the classic, yet effective mechanical knees to highly advance microprocessor-controlled and motor powered knees.

Only an experienced clinician can recommend a complete prosthetic leg that meets all of your needs. This experience has shown us how, when and why different products fail. As a result, our team has become a trusted resource for many manufacturers to help them improve their product designs. Like Ossur, Otto Bock, you can trust our recommendations. Take a look at some of the advanced technology that we are currently using on our technology page.

We also are aware of the wear and tear that an active above knee amputee endures on their joints, muscles and back. As a result, we emphasize symmetry and gait training as a critical element of success. We are proud to team up with leaders in amputee rehabilitation and leading physical therapists to make strengths of your weaknesses and iron out any bad habits developed over time.